We're beyond excited to introduce Octane's new Analytics.

Measurements Tab

To make it easier to set up and debug your integration with Octane, we've added a "Measurements" tab to surface Measurements with validation errors.


We're excited to officially launch Credits, a versatile pricing tool to add to your toolbox.

Invoice Customizations: Logo and ACH Details

To continue to make Octane Invoices more customizable, we've added support for custom logos and ACH details.

July 2022 - Limiting, invoicing, and pricing enhancements

Today, we're rolling out a slate of new features and improvements around limiting, invoicing, and pricing that we hope will make Octane even more effective.

Price Lists

With our new support for Price Lists, Octane is flexible enough to support most complex tiered-based pricing easily.

Minimum Charge

You can now define a minimum charge for a Price Plan, meaning any customer subscribed to that plan is invoiced at least some minimum amount each billing cycle.

Subscription History

There is now a way to see the subscription history of a customer. We hope this is a small, but useful, improvement.

February 2022

We've been rolling out a number of exciting new features over the past few weeks that we're excited to share.

Dec 2021

  • Improved performance on accrued revenue API calls
  • Allowed setting and updating ‘created_at’ field on customer API calls
  • Added support for multiple price plan metered components for the same meter