We're excited to officially launch Credits, a versatile pricing tool to add to your toolbox.


Credits are like "tokens" that can be used to pay a customer's invoice. They can be granted to customers at any time, either for free or for a fee invoiced directly to the customer. They can also last forever or be set to expire.

While simple in concept, they have dozens of applications:

  • Customers can pre-pay for their usage using credits, giving you a better idea of your expected traffic during the next billing cycle.
  • Credits can be given to new customers as a welcome bonus or in place of a free trial.
  • If you're expecting a period of low traffic, credits can be sold at a discount with a near-term expiration date to encourage usage.

For more, we've written a blog post that goes into the motivation for Credits in detail. If you're ready to get started using Credits, check out the Credits guide in our docs.