February 2022

We've been rolling out a number of exciting new features over the past few weeks that we're excited to share.

Archiving Meters and Price Plans

We added the ability to archive meters and price plans. Archiving is like "soft deleting" — archived records are hidden from the portal and can't be used for new subscriptions, but are still available for calculating historical invoices. Meters and price plans that aren't actively used in a subscription are eligible to be archived.



Add-ons are paid features that can be added to a subscription, like phone support. Add-ons can be configured to be applied once or a number of times, and a limit can be set on the number of times an add-on is applied. Add-ons appear in invoices and are automatically prorated to the current billing cycle.'


Price Plan In-place Edits

Currently, editing a price plan means creating a new version of that plan and optionally resubscribing existing customers to the new version. If you have a new feature you'd like to add to an existing plan, there wasn't an easy way to roll it out without creating new subscriptions for all your customers. To fix this, we've rolled out in-place edits to Price Plans to allow adding new add-ons and metered components. We don't allow most edits that would imply sudden billing changes like adjusting existing meter pricing or changing a plan's base rate or discount — for that, you'll still need to create a new plan version.


Quarterly and Annual Price Plans

This one is exactly what it sounds like — we now support price plans with quarterly and annual billing cycles.

Other Improvements

  • Developer Guides: We've overhauled many of our developer guides. If you haven't seen them yet, they're worth the read.
  • UI Enhancements: We've made a slew of UI improvements to make our web portal easier and more intuitive. If we did our jobs right, you probably won't notice a thing.