Creating Price Plans

Learn how to model customer usage as business revenue.


General Usage: Portal

A price plan is a collection of the base price and metered components that describe what is included in the plan and how to calculate a customer's bill.

Creating price plans via the portal

Plans can be created through the Octane portal as shown below:


Enter a plan name and the period for the plan (i.e., the time span with which the plan renews). Add simple and metered components as desired.

Alternatively, you can use the Price Plan API/SDKs to create price plans.


You can subscribe a customer to a price plan. Through subscriptions you can customize a customer's billing cycle, price plan components, discounts, etc.


nameThe plan identifier. Must be unique. Should be a dev-friendly string. NOTE: This is shown as 'ID' in the portalStringRequired
display_nameUser-friendly name shown in the Octane portal. NOTE: This is shown as 'Name' in the portalStringOptional
periodThe time period of a full plan cycle. In the browser, Quarterly, Annual and Monthly are currently supported. In the API we additionally support Biannual billing periods.EnumRequired
descriptionFree-text description of the plan.StringOptional
metered_componentsThe set of usage-based components for this plan.[MeteredComponent]Optional
base_price Fixed charge amount per period cycle.FloatOptional
features Plan metadata (features) not associated with any charge.[Feature]Optional
add_ons(Priced) additive features that customers can add to their plan.[FeatureAddon]Optional
limitsPlan metadata (limits) not associated with any charge.[FeatureLimit]Optional
tags Mutable set of tags to facilitate processes such as rollouts, deployments.[Tag]Optional
discountRecurring percentage or dollar-based discount which is applied to all subscriptions by default and does not have an expiration. (Can only specify either coupon name or discount)DiscountOptional

Creating price plans programmatically


Currency Units

All currency fields in Octane are stored in the lowest possible denomination. For example, USD values are stored in cents, not dollars.

import octane
octane.api_key = "<YOUR_API_KEY>"

  display_name="Basic Plan",
  # This translates to $10
  # Metered component to charge by the GB/hour.
    # 'name' of the meter (this is the meter id/codename NOT display_name)
    "meter_name": "storage",
    "price_scheme": {
      "unit_name": "gigabyte",
      "time_unit_name": "hour",
      "scheme_type": "VOLUME",
      "prices": [
        {"cap": 1000, "price": 0.05},
        {"cap": 5000, "price": 0.03},
        {"price": 0.01},
  # 20% discount
    "discount_type": "PERCENT",
    "amount": 20
import Octane from "octane-node";
const octane = new Octane("<YOUR_API_KEY>");

  name: "basic_plan",
  displayName: "Basic Plan",
  period: "month",
  // This translates to $10
  basePrice: 1000,
  // Metered component to charge by the GB/hour.
  meteredComponent: {
    // 'name' of the meter (NOT display_name)
    meterName: "storage",
    priceScheme: {
      unitName: "gigabyte",
      timeUnitName: "hour",
      schemeType: "VOLUME",
      prices: [
        {cap: 1000, price: 0.05},
        {cap: 5000, price: 0.03},
        {price: 0.01},
  // 20% discount
  discount: {
    discountType: "PERCENT",
    amount: 20
package main

import ""

func main() {
  client := octane.NewClient("<YOUR_API_KEY>")

  args := octane.CreatePricePlanArgs{
    Name:        "basic_plan",
    DisplayName: "Basic Plan",
    Period:      "month",
    // This translates to $10
    BasePrice: 1000,
    // Metered component to charge by the GB/hour.
    MeteredComponents: []octane.MeteredComponentInputArgs{
        MeterName: "storage",
        PriceScheme: &octane.PriceSchemeInputArgs{
          UnitName:     "gigabyte",
          TimeUnitName: "hour",
          SchemeType:   "VOLUME",
          Prices: []octane.PriceInputArgs{
              Cap:   float64(1000),
              Price: float64(0.05),
              Cap:   float64(5000),
              Price: float64(0.03),
              Price: float64(0.01),
    // 20% discount
    Discount: &octane.DiscountInputArgs{
      DiscountType: "PERCENT",
      Amount:       float64(20),
  _, _, err := client.PricePlans.Create(args)
  if err != nil {