Developer Quickstart

Get up to speed with the developer side


Complete Portal Quickstart

We recommend that you complete the portal quickstart before starting the developer quickstart guide.


First, get your API key from the Settings tab.


Next, install the Octane SDK for your language of choice:

pip install octane
# For NPM:
npm install octane-node
# Or, if you use yarn:
yarn add octane-node
go get -u

You can always send HTTP requests directly should you choose (e.g., with cURL or Postman). For more details, see our API reference.

The source code for all our SDKs is open-source if you want to leave feedback, request features, or take a peak at our implementation:

Integrate with Octane

Once you have your API key and the SDK installed, the next step is to start making requests to Octane. Walk through our Developer Quickstart recipe below to create a customer, subscribe them to a price plan, and log a measurement.

Next Steps

Want to dive into some details? We recommend checking out these guides next.