Determine discounts to apply to price plans and subscriptions.

A discount is a recurring and non-expiring reduction in price applied to a price plan that can be overwritten via a subscription. It is recommended to read the price plan and subscription pages before understanding discounts.

Discount Definition

Field NameDescriptionTypeRequired
TypeDetermines whether the discount is a 'flat' dollar amount or a 'percentage' of the final invoice amount.EnumRequired
AmountThe amount of discount to apply based on type.IntegerRequired

Use Cases

Discounts are useful when the primary goal is to create subscriptions for specific customers with a certain discount applied to the price plan. This allows for the customer to have a permanent, recurring discount that will always apply to the invoice amount.

Discounts can either be applied generally to a price plan, which would apply to all customers associated with that price plan OR the discount field can be overridden via the subscription override and will only apply to the customer in that subscription.

For ephemeral and non-recurring discounts that are more custom, we recommend creating coupons.


Usage of Discounts and Coupons

Discounts and Coupons cannot be applied together. A customer can either have an active coupon or an active discount but not both.