Customer-facing Integrations

Octane can easily integrate with your product's customer experience. Our integrations can be used to show invoice history and usage data to your customers, or collect payment and contact information from them. We support several types of integrations: the Customer Portal for a fast and effective setup, and octane-components for a powerful, customizable integration.

Customer Portal


The Customer Portal is a hosted customer-facing dashboard. It contains customer subscription data, payment and contact information, usage graphs, and a history of their invoices. Integrating is as simple as requesting a URL through our API.

If you're interested in integrating using the Customer Portal, contact us.



The octane-components SDK is a library of building blocks for integrating with Octane. It contains pre-built React components for things like selecting Price Plans and collecting credit card information, as well as a number of React hooks and framework-agnostic methods for fetching and using Octane data directly from the browser.

For more details, the octane-components repo has full documentation, code snippets, and an example application.