Feature Add-On

An add-on is an additional flat fee that can be included with a price plan. Add-ons for a price plan can be selected when subscribing a customer to that plan, and only the ones included in the subscription end up on the customer’s invoice. For example, add-ons can be used to let customers pay for prioritized phone support as part of their subscription.


Field NameDescriptionTypeRequired
FeatureThe given feature you want to tack onto the price plan[Feature]Required
PriceThe cost of this add-onFloatRequired
Quantity EnabledAllow your customers to attach multiples of this add-onBooleanOptional
LimitIf “Quantity Enabled” is true, this is the maximum number of add-ons the customer can useIntegerOptional

Add-ons are charged at the end of the billing cycle (or at the beginning with upfront billing) and are included in all invoices as separate line items. Add-ons can be charged at a frequency of once per billing cycle, or once per subscription (see the screenshot below).


An example of a single use add-on might be an optional initiation fee or a set-up cost.