How Invoicing & Billing works

Understand how Octane automates invoicing & billing

At a customer's billing cycle end, Octane computes how much the customer owes using the revenue ledger it maintains. Octane applies any credits, discounts, and(or) trials to the ledger amounts and generates an invoice for the customer. After waiting the billing grace period, Octane then charges the customer the amount due through the configured payment gateway.

In order to automatically bill customers, you must complete all of the following set up:
A1. Create a price plan
A2. Create a customer, subscribing the customer to the price plan
A3. Authenticate with a payment gateway and enable Octane to send charges

If you are creating a usage-based plan, you would additionally have to:
B1. Create a meter to measure usage
B2. Include a metered component in your price plan that uses the meter in step B1
B3. Send measurements that correspond to that meter and the customer in step A2