Grow your business with a holistic monetization platform.

Octane provides software companies with a drop-in system to enable usage-based billing. Octane helps companies meter customer usage, offer flexible pricing, and bill customers through payment gateways.

Meter Customer Usage

Stream raw usage measurements and Octane will aggregate appropriately so you can view usage by customer over time. See Creating Meters and Sending Measurements.

Maintain Price Plans

Create and modify price plans and roll out changes to customers according to your specifications. See how in Price Plan Overview.

Manage Customer Billing Terms

Know exactly what plans and terms a customer is on. Make one-off customer modifications such as discounts and billing cycles. See Creating Customers and How Invoicing & Billing Works.

Automate Detailed Invoices

Octane automatically creates invoices at the end of the billing cycles for customers and can invoice them directly (if enabled). See Invoice Settings.

Automate Payment Collection

Easily authenticate with a payment provider for charging customers on your behalf. See Billing Integration.

Next Steps

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