Octane supports taxation through four levers:

Flat Taxes

You can set a flat percentage at the customer or account level for all your invoices. For example, if you set a flat tax rate of 5%, an invoice with $100 in charges would cost $105 to the payer. Flat tax rates can be set in your “Invoicing & Payments” settings:


Stripe Taxes

If you choose to invoice through Stripe, you can set taxes through “Stripe Tax.” Once you set up Stripe Tax, Stripe will automatically add a tax to your invoices based on the customer’s transaction types and locale. Once Stripe sets a tax amount, Octane will automatically add the amount to the invoice. This appears exactly the same as if you selected a flat amount above, except in this case the amount comes from Stripe:


More information on Stripe Tax can be found here.

Avalara/Stripe Integration

Avalara is a provider dedicated to solving taxation for you. If you invoice through Stripe, you can use Avalara’s taxation service by integrating Avalara directly with Stripe. The instructions to do so are documented here.

Once the integration is configured, Avalara will automatically use data available through Stripe to add a tax amount to your invoices. Through Octane’s integration with Stripe, that tax data will automatically be reflected in Octane.

Paddle Taxation

If you invoice or pay your Octane invoices through Paddle, a wide variety of taxation options are available. More information can be found in Paddle's documentation.