Updating Price Plans

In-Place Updates


Price plans can ONLY be updated in place if the update is non disruptive!

An update is considered disruptive if it impacts the calculation of revenue or usage for measurements that are already being captured by the price plan.

For example, if a price plan has a metered component using "meter_1", adding another metered component for "meter_1" is disruptive because measurements for "meter_1" are already being associated to the price plan. On the other hand adding a metered component for "meter_2" is not disruptive.

The full list of non-disruptive updates are:

  • Changing the price plan's display name
  • Changing the price plan's description
  • Adding a metered component which uses a meter that is not already in use by the price plan

An in place update to a price plan does not create a new version and is reflected immediately in all subscriptions that use it. Additionally the measurements for any new metered components that are sent during the current billing cycle will be included in the next invoice, even if the measurement was sent before the meter was added to the price plan.

Consider a monthly price plan (starting January 1st) using a metered component for "meter_1". A customer sends measurements for "meter_2" at January 1 and January 30. If a metered component with "meter_2" is added to the price place in-place on January 15, both the Jan 1 and Jan 30 measurements will be included in the January billing cycle.