Versioning & Rollouts

Synchronize Price Plan management and code rollouts to seamlessly iterate on pricing and metering.

Price Plan Versions

Price plans are versioned. Any modifications to a plan creates a new version.


New Customers

When you subscribe a new customer to a price plan, Octane will use the latest version of the price plan by default. Alternatively, you can tag specific versions of a price plan and specify the tag when creating subscriptions.

For example, you may put a "prod" tag on the current version of a price plan (let's call it version N) and specify the tag when creating customer subscriptions. If you modify the price plan (creating a new version, version N+1), new customers will continue to be subscribed to version N (with the "prod" tag).

When you are ready to roll out the new plan, you can add the "prod" tag to the latest version. From that point on, new customers be subscribed to the new version (version N+1).

Existing Customers

Existing customers are not automatically switched to the new versions of price plans. Customers have subscriptions which reference a specific version of a price plan. You must explicitly update a customer's subscription to switch them over to the new version. Subscriptions have effective dates, so you can schedule a change to a customer's subscription for a future date by specifying the effective_at date when updating the subscription. Octane references the effective dates of subscriptions when determining the terms to use in computing a customer's bill.